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olives in aromatic olive oil, Greek eggplant dip


Greek Salad
cherry tomatoes, cucumber, onion, pepper, feta cheese, capers, olives, olive oil, rusk
Zucchini, Rocket
fennel, Sifnos zucchini, rocket, citrus fruits, ginger vinaigrette
lettuce, wild purslane, dill, spring onion, smoked butterfish, lemon vinaigrette
Manura, Fig, Lountza
mesclun salad, figs, Sifnos manura cheese, lountza pork deli, fig vinaigrette
Mizithra, Pine Nuts
baby spinach, quinoa, pine nuts, grape, mint, Sifnos xinomizithra cheese


Taramosalata with Marinated Shrimp
fresh Amvrakikos prawns grilled with citrus fruits, sun-dried tomato, coriander, chili, tarama aioli
Tuna, Tamarisk Salad
fresh tuna poke marinated in tomato ponzu, onion pickle, tamarisk salad
Fresh Fish Peach Ceviche
fresh fish ceviche of the day with peach, chili, lemon confit, coriander, lime
Beef Carpaccio
Yellow split pea puree, lemon cream, pine nuts, herbs, truffle
Fish Carpaccio Bottarga
crispy skin, yuzu oil lemon, chives, spring onion, lemon confit, bottarga
Crudo Crayfish
fried crayfish tartare, tomato lemon oil, tarama aioli, coriander, ginger
Fresh Scallops of Chalkida


French Fries
Greek Fish Roe Dip
lemon confit, olive oil, tomato tabbouleh, coriander
Smoked Mackerel
grilled smoked mackerel, avocado cream, Piyaz beans
Chickpea Meatballs
tahini cream, fennel, tomato lemon oil, capers, basil
Anchovy Bruschetta
marinated anchovy, roasted cherry tomatoes marinated with fennel and lemon confit, tarama aioli
Dumplings with Smoked Eel
nigiri dumplings with eel, lemon fava beans, orange vinaigrette, lemon confit, chili oil
Batter Shrimps
breaded shrimps* with sweet and sour peach and fennel jam, shichimi togarashi
Mussels in Steam
steamed mussels with feta velouté, confit cherry tomatoes, chili oil, basil, parsley, garlic, toasted bread
Shrimp Saganaki
shrimps*, tomato velouté, cherry tomatoes, smoked paprika, basil, feta mousse
Beef with Alonnisos Tuna
our version of vitello tonnato on grilled bread with braised beef, served with rich tuna cream
Grilled Meatballs
100% ground beef, Florina smoked pepper cream with feta cheese, French fries
Dried Octopus*
Schinoussa fava mousse, gremolata with capers and sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts


Roasted Pumpkin Risotto
pumpkin cream, pine nuts, honey, thyme, lemon zest, caramelized smoked eel from Messo- longhi
Shrimp Pastitsiada
shrimp*, mini tomato, spice mix, basil, bucatini
Boiled Octopus with Greek Pasta
octopus* braised in red wine and tomato sauce, handmade Greek pasta, gruyere cream
Sea Bass en Papillote
seasonal vegetable medley with fresh herbs, sea bass fillet, basil oil
Fish of the Day
fish fillet, artichokes a la Polita, oil lemon
Souvlaki OlivChicken
Souvlaki made of award-winning chicken leg filet, served with sweet and sour mushrooms, tahini cream, sesame seeds


Grilled Sea Bream 800/1000gr
farmed sea bream, roasted greens, tomato sauce, grated feta cheese
Fish & Chips
breaded sea bass with citrus zest panko, handmade mayonnaise with fresh herbs, tomato, capers, fresh French fries
traditional Ionian recipe with cooked fillet of white grouper in white wine sauce, olive oil, chili pepper, poached potatoes
Prime Beef Skewer
outside skirt Greater Omaha, French fries, wheat pita, onion pickle with coriander, yogurt with avocado cream and lime
premium prime cut cooked for 4 hours and finished on the grill, accompanied by baked eggplant au gratin
Lobster, Ravioli, Metaxa
peeled lobster, velouté sauce americain with Metaxa, ravioli with cheese, beurre noisette, chives
Fresh Fish 90kg
raw, steamed, grilled, calamarata, with botargo, bianco, a la spetsiota, fried, menier
grilled crayfish, pasta


Chocolate Caramel
almond crumble, caramel, vanilla cream, gianduja, pistachio ice cream
Galaktoboureko Lemon
caramelized lemon curd, semolina cream, filo chips, lemon syrup
white chocolate crumble, mizithra cheese mousse, white chocolate, savoyard, coffee ice cream, cocoa
White Chocolate Profiterole With Peanut Butter
Madagascar vanilla ice cream, white chocolate ganache, peanut butter, gianduja chocolate sauce

Food Service Outlet Manager: Apostolos Tzivas

Prices are in euros and include all applicable charges (VAT, taxes, etc.). The salads are dressed with olive oil / Products marked with an asterisk (*) are frozen / Fish served by weight is weighed before cooking Please inform our staff of any allergies or intolerances you may have. Our menu may contain allergenic substances or traces of them. The restaurant is required to have printed forms available for filing any complaints. The customer is not obligated to pay if the legal document (receipt – invoice) is not provided